Outstanding Qualitiy features of Schüssler toolholders

 Hard reworked driveslots on HSK-taper guarantees:

  • 100% symmetry of the HSK-slots
  • perfect seat and torque transfer in machine spindle

 Hard reworked HSK-Inside geometry guarantees:

  • perfect runout of clamping shoulder (0,01 instead of 0,04 according to DIN)
  • highest runout accuracy
  • maximum clamping force in spindie
  • maximumradial rigidity

 Hard reworked HSK-discharge surface garantees:

  • safe release of HSK at tool change

 All toolholders fine balanced to G2,5 25.000 or max. unbalance <= 1 gmm,


  • smooth and bearing protecting spindie run
  • Ionger spindie life cycle
  • maximum toollife
  • better milling surface

 HSK-A, DIN 69871 and CORUM have included the bore for disk-chip by default

 Standard shrink fit chucks with 4-threads for supplementary fine balancing

 Long version with anti-vibration transition radius

 Long shrink fit for maximum clamping forces with insertion radius


All Schüssler toolholders are 100% manufactured “Made in Germany” by Schüssler. For this reason we can guarantee constant highest quality level and therefore smooth and processsure machining in your production.